Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Steve Davis laid off from WBAL

It is not often that we talk about the Baltimore sports media here at ATH, but when the sports director of the Ravens flagship station is laid off, it is important.

Steve Davis, who was at 1090 WBAL for the past five years as the sports director and talk show host of "Sportsline," has been let go. This was a cost-cutting move at WBAL.

Davis was not the most liked Baltimore sports personality for his often critical and harsh attitude, but the fact he is he was a realist and knew his stuff. He understands many things in sports that don't appear on the box score, and is not afraid to bring it up. Many critics of his didn't like the fact that he wasn't positive enough, but honestly, in the Baltimore sports world, there wasn't much to be positive about right now. But he always seemed to be knowledgeable about the Baltimore sports world.

It is a hard time for all local sports media. Lower budgets are forcing people who have been in the business a long time to leave and pursue other areas. This was the case with Davis at WBAL, Scott Garceau forced to leave ABC2 after over 25 years there, Roch Kubatko taking a buyout at the Baltimore Sun after many years there, and many others. It is our hope that Davis can find a job here in the area and keep talking about Baltimore sports.

(Photo credit: WBAL Radio)

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