Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Ravens Are Going to the AFC Championship Game!

Outstanding! Unbelievable! Joe Flacco engineered a clutch drive to set up Matt Stover, old reliable, the one kicker this franchise has ever truly known, and the Ravens took victory from the jaws of defeat! Was this game perfect? No. Did the Ravens catch breaks? Yes. But at this point in time there is no reason to dwell on that. What this team has accomplished, not having a true bye week all season, is absolutely unbelievable. Both teams were hurt badly, both teams were scuffling, but the Ravens overcame all of that to win.

The image was perfect. Joe Flacco, the young rookie who was doubted from Day One, rose up and didn't blink in the face of unbelievable pressure. No votes for rookie of the year? No problem. And John Harbaugh, who again received no votes for coach of the year, showed the poise and professionalism of a seasoned veteran coach.

This team will play anybody, anywhere, anytime. GO RAVENS!

Note: Postgame Report Card will appear eventually... I need to recover first.

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