Monday, January 26, 2009

Maryland Basketball Still Feeling the Heat After Duke Loss

After Maryland's 41-point loss against Duke, the voices of calling for Gary Williams's firing got louder and louder, and even two days after the defeat, the game is still resonating among Terp fans.

The question I have is why? No one expected Maryland to win this game. Duke was the #2 team in the nation on their home court with better shooters plus the big men to compete. They are now #1 in the country. Looking objectively at this game, did anyone believe Maryland could handle 7' Brian Zoubek or future NBAer Kyle Singler? Did they think Maryland could keep up with the speed despite a relatively young team? Coming into this season, Maryland's flaws were very clear, they don't have sufficient big men and likely this would be a down year. If a couple points go the other way, Maryland could be sitting at 16-3 instead of 13-6, and no one in their right mind would be talking if Maryland was 13 games over .500.

There is no question this loss was terrible. There is no question that Maryland has issues that need to be addressed if they wish to contend for the NCAA Tournament. But just because of one lop-sided game, everyone should jump ship? Before the season it was said that Maryland would have a hard time competing, but once again, now that it has happened, many are getting upset.

For those wanting Gary Williams fired, it isn't happening this year. Maryland like many schools has big financial issues, and the basketball program is the only sport making money for the athletic program. Fire Gary and a lot of sponsors go away. But more to the point, this season is not over. It looks grimm, but it isn't like a 10-point loss to Duke would have changed anyone's thoughts.

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