Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ATH is Newest Voter on College Basketball Blogpoll!

Hey everyone, I know you must have been pining to get me back, but no worries, I am back on staff. No, it wasn't the Ravens loss that had me off of blogging for a week, but the length of those previews were getting to me and I just needed some time off! However, I wasn't entirely through working on the blog during my brief vacation.

I got in touch with some great people at March to Madness about joining their blogpoll for college basketball, and I am happy to report that ATH is their newest voter! I encourage you to check out their blog on Wednesday evenings to find out the general poll results and how different blogs around the country voted. We will do our best here to make sure we post our top 25 so we can get your reaction. This week the top 25 was put together by Falco and Windsor, so here goes:

1) Duke
2) Connecticut
3) Oklahoma
4) Pittsburgh
5) Wake Forest
6) North Carolina
7) Louisville
8) Marquette
9) Michigan State
10) Clemson
11) Xavier
12) Butler
13) Texas
14) Arizona State
15) Syracuse
16) Illinois
17) Purdue
18) Memphis
19) St. Mary's
20) Villanova
21) Gonzaga
22) UCLA
23) Kentucky
24) Minnesota
25) Notre Dame

Thoughts? More content coming later today, stay tuned!

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