Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gary Williams, Maryland Athletics Continue to Fight

It is not good between Maryland's coach of 20 years and the athletic department. After Maryland's latest loss to Boston College, an already controversial situation got worse. Gary Williams has made public statements about how he feels the athletic department is not helping him with recruiting, losing Gus Gilchrest and Tyree Evans notably, and the athletic department has had different stories. In the end, right now is a Maryland program in complete disarray. With the recruiting problems, the losses, Jin Soo-Kim declared academically ineligible, among other problems, it is now looking possible, possible, that this could be the final year for the man that brought Maryland a national championship.

In the last three weeks, Maryland has gone from a hopeful 11-2 team to a problematic 13-7 team that has lost big leads in a few of their losses. On the verge of getting to their fourth NIT in five years, possibly worse to the CBI, tempers are flaring everywhere.

The simple fact is that in order to buyout Gary Williams, who has three years left on his contract, Maryland would need $6 million. Under current economic circumstances, it is hard to imagine that Maryland could gather that right now. To add, the boosters are not in any hurry, and for the most part they want to keep him. To add, most students still support him over Yow.

In many ways, this conflict was bound to reveal itself. Although it is well known that Gary Williams and Debbie Yow don't get along, in some ways it was accepted that both needed each other. Now that the program is having major problems that are gaining national attention, it may be too late to stop. One thing is for sure, Maryland needs to defeat Miami on Saturday night, or else there won't be many supporters left.

(Photo credit: Baltimore Sun)

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