Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ravens Season Reaches an Abrupt Finish

The Ravens just got finished off by the Steelers tonight, in a tough and hard-fought battle sealed by a late Polamalu interception for a touchdown. Don't tell me this doesn't hurt, and don't tell me that the silver lining is the most important thing. We have all offseason to try to be positive on this season. I'm not going to write on here that 'well, we should be happy with our season' and 'there will be brighter days ahead'. Let's paint this situation for what it is. It stinks, it hurts, and that hurt won't be lessened by forced positivism.

The fact is the city of Baltimore had their hopes pinned on this team, and now those hopes have been dashed by the Ravens' most hated rival. What do us Baltimoreans have to look to now Around the Harbor? Terps basketball. Lacrosse. The Orioles.

On a last remark, our thoughts and prayers here at Around the Harbor go out to Willis McGahee. He battled hard and was certainly NOT the reason the Ravens lost.

Postgame will go up sometime tomorrow. (sneak peek : Jared Gaither is LVP)

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