Monday, January 19, 2009

Rex Ryan To Become Jets Head Coach

The Associated Press is reporting that Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan will be the Jets head coach next season. Many had speculated this would happen once the Ravens season was over, and now it has happened. All three Ravens defensive coordinators in history have moved on as a head coach, the first two being Marvin Lewis to the Cincinatti Bengals and Mike Nolan to the San Francisco 49ers, though Nolan no longer retains his job.

Ryan has spent the last ten years with the Ravens starting as a defensive assistant then becoming the defensive coordinator in 2005. He has always been a popular figure around here as some even wanted him as head coach when Billick was fired. Even when he wasn't chosen here or for any other potential jobs, John Harbaugh asked him to stay and Ryan was a huge help to him all season. The Ravens defense has been great as always this season, being in the top-3 in nearly every category, and he has garnered respect from most of the players.

This now bodes the question, who will be the new defensive coordinator? Normally the Ravens tend to look in house for the defensive coordinator. There is not one standard for the Ravens, as Lewis was brought in at the start of the franchise, Nolan was a former defensive coordinator of three other teams, and Ryan has found in house. But the job is a valuable one, as the Ravens are always known for defense.

We here at Around the Harbor wish Rex Ryan the best in New York. Don't let all that Brett Favre nonsense cloud you, that is what cost the last coach his job.

(Photo credit: NY Daily News)

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