Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ravens-Texans moved to November: no bye week?

Due to damages to the roof of Reliant Stadium due to Hurricane Ike, the NFL has chosen to move the Ravens-Texans game to November 9th.

Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun brings up an interesting question: Did the Ravens get their bye taken away by the NFL fairly? Baltimore had to practice to be ready for the Texans, and now they won't get a week off all season.

Sometimes the NFL has to make decisions that are difficult where someone is bound to lose. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Superdome was being used for housing people, the NFL moved the Saints first home game against the Giants to New York. Giants Stadium put "SAINTS" in the endzones to "support" them, but the crowd was clearly pro-New York. Though I would have preferred the game be played somewhere closer to Louisiana, no decision would have been good enough for everybody.

I'm not sure what the NFL could have done differently. The game can't be cancelled; there aren't enough games to do that. There isn't a backup week for NFL games before the playoffs. I don't like it that the Ravens won't get a week off at all during the season, but again, what was the NFL to do? Maybe in the future though they find a way to change these circumstances so that if a game had to be postponed, the bye week isn't used as a replacement.

(Photo credit: Boston Herald)

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