Monday, September 1, 2008

ACC: The Laughingstock of College Football, Again

Per usual, the ACC is just embarrassed after this weekend in the world of college football. After NC State got shutout by South Carolina on Thursday, two ranked teams got upset.

#17 Virginia Tech blew a 9-point lead in the 4th quarter to lose to East Carolina, giving up the final touchdown on a blocked punt. Coach Frank Beamer, who specializes in special teams, couldn't get scores in the first two red zone attempts and got beaten at his own game.

But the real disappointment is with #9 Clemson. The Tigers once again proved that they can't handle any expectations by getting destroyed by #24 Alabama 34-10. ESPN color analyst Kirk Herbstreit was ripping the Tigers most of the game, which was well deserved. Nobody showed any energy, and at times you wondered if they even cared. The offense couldn't pass or run, the defense kept getting run over, and Tommy Bowden once again looked like he couldn't coach football. Frankly, if Clemson doesn't win the ACC, Bowden doesn't deserve to keep his job. He has had teams that could have been great and Clemson consistently underachieves. Nick Saban's Crimson Tide played a great game, but they were the only ones to show up at the Georgia Dome that night.

To add insult to injury, UNC had arranged for a parachutist to land in the middle of the field with the gameball. When the plane found the stadium they jumped, and landed, in Duke's football stadium before their game. They had to rush off the field and UNC's athletic director apologized later for the mishap.

When the conference added Miami, Boston College, and Virginia Tech, it was supposed to improve the football play. But still, the ACC continues to be the joke of the BCS. Top-25 wins are almost non-existant, they have very few BCS bowl victories, and not many solid teams. It is a shame that a conference that tries to put so much attention into college football just looks like an absolute disaster.

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Expatriate said...

Everyone always talks about the Big Ten as the weakest conference, but I gotta say, you make a good case for the ACC. No team like OSU, or Wisconsin in that conference, at least not this year. Good opportunity for Maryland to take advantage and take a conference title, perhaps?