Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ravens QB Competition: Joe Flacco Is Chosen

After all the injuries and preseason games, rookie Joe Flacco, the clear #3 behind Kyle Boller and Troy Smith coming into this offseason, will be the starting quarterback on Opening Day.

Harbaugh, Cameron, and the coaching staff really didn't have a choice. He's the only one who has had a lot of time of the field in the preseason with the Ravens and he is healthy.

Kyle Boller's shoulder injury sounds serious, and likely his career is over after this year when the Ravens don't re-sign him. Troy Smith has been on an IV for a long while, so he won't play until he gets back into playing shape. Earlier on Tuesday, the Ravens signed Joey Harrington. Likely he won't see a snap, since he couldn't cut it in Detroit, Miami, or Atlanta.

That leaves Flacco. He's looked better in each game, but really he still isn't ready to be a great player. But, as the Ravens have seen, they really don't have a choice.

Knowing the Ravens O-line situation and injuries to McGahee and Clayton this offseason (they will play Opening Day), let's hope this doesn't become a Boller situation. But Flacco physically is a better rookie than Boller was, he has better accuracy due to his height. Boller did have a stronger arm, but the Ravens need an accurate quarterback. Let's hope Flacco can take the task.

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