Monday, September 1, 2008

Youse's Maryland Orioles #2 team in the country

After dominating the Cal Ripken Sr. League and winning their 6th straight AAABA Tournament, the Youse's Maryland Orioles finished as the 2nd best summer collegiate summer baseball team in the country.

Armed with the power pitching of Maryland's Scott Swinson, Clemson's Kevin Brady, and Old Dominion's Cory Toth as well as the killer hitting of Georgia Tech's Patrick Long, LSU's Leon Landry, and Old Dominion's Gerard Hall, Dean Albany's squad dominated all, finishing with a overall record of 54-8.

This team never really had any power. In the Ripken League, nobody hit more than two home runs in 42 games played. But they played great fundamental baseball. The team had 108 stolen bases in the Ripken League, a real lost art in the major leagues, and had devastating pitching. Albany not only is a great scout for the Orioles (it isn't easy convincing local young talent that they want to play for a team that's had 11 losing seasons), but is a solid manager of this team. They play solid defense, are disciplined, and look like a great team.

They also did a great job beating up the Bethesda Big Train, the team I broadcast for this summer.

Congratulations to Dean Albany and the Youse's Maryland Orioles for a fine, fine season.
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