Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Around the Harbor Radio Show Hits the Airwaves 10-12 on Tuesday!

Around the Harbor returns to the WMUC airwaves Tuesday from 10-12 PM. Listen to Falco and Windsor live on WMUC Sports in College Park!

Topics of the show will include:
--Windsor's list of the top-20 Orioles prospects, we'll discuss
--Ravens with a big win against Cleveland, with the problems in the AFC, what are the Ravens playoff chances?
--Maryland football with a solid win against Eastern Michigan, are they ready for Clemson and the ACC?
--Navy football with a big win against Rutgers, back on track for a bowl?
--Maryland men's soccer with a big victory against Duke, #1 Wake Forest awaits........
--Around the NFL: rounding up the stories of the week, including the rumors of Lane Kiffin's eminent firing and the beatdown given to the Patriots by Miami
--The Heisman Watch: after four weeks, we'll check out the current top-10 according to SI's Gene Menez
--Because of Maryland's victory with six touchdowns, Papa Johns giving 12 free toppings on a cheese pizza. Windsor and I will experience the 12-topping pizza.

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