Friday, September 5, 2008

Steffy's Bad Luck Continues

Ralph Friedgen got very upset at Maryland fans and the media for attacking Jordan Steffy at his press conference last Tuesday. He was saying things like he would want Steffy in a foxhole with him, he's the kind of guy he'd want as a son, the wild statements just kept going. Basically Fridge felt Steffy gave Maryland the best chance to win.

Steffy got hurt during the Delaware game and will be out a few weeks. Chris Turner has been named the starter and will take the field against Middle Tennessee State on Saturday.

While I don't agree that Steffy is the best choice, Fridge has a good point. Most fans never see practices, so they don't know how Steffy or Turner has been doing. If we are basing just on Delaware, then neither is a good choice. But Fridge and Franklin felt Steffy was the better go. Also, Steffy is a good guy, and shouldn't be railed on because he's struggling. What if Egekeze made his field goals? Would Steffy have gotten a break? I doubt it, because for some reason many Maryland fans have it dug in their head that Turner is an amazing quarterback. But I don't blame Turner, from his interviews he seems like a very nice kid.

In this age of college sports, many tend to forget that these kids are trying to graduate from college. And before anyone says they are only going so they can turn pro, most college athletes will never go professional in athletics, and of the ones that do, most don't make enough of a living in them to survive a lifetime. Steffy is a genuine nice guy who has a college degree and isn't a professional athlete, and such vicious attacks are uncalled for. As Fridge has said, come after him, not Steffy.

Remind you of a certain Oklahoma State coach?

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