Monday, October 13, 2008

The Top 3 in College Football: Texas #1?

More and more, as not much happens around the Maryland area, we are talking a lot about national sports. But don't worry, football is back in swing next weekend and basketball season is only a few weeks away.

After their victory over then-#1 Oklahoma, Texas (6-0) vaulted to the #1 ranking after top-5 teams Missouri and LSU lost. Alabama was #2 and remains there and Penn State rolls up to number three after a beatdown of Wisconsin.

But, why wasn't Alabama given number one? Other than their win against Oklahoma, Texas really hasn't beaten anyone of importance. Granted the destroyed all of their joke opponents, and I can't wait for next week's match against #11 Missouri. But Alabama beat a then 9th ranked Clemson (granted, they aren't as good in retrospect but they were still #9), then #3 Georgia on the road, and a trap Kentucky team. Nick Saban's squad just seems to have a better schedule, and while Texas gets good credit for beating Oklahoma, what about Alabama's win over Georgia?

But watch out for Penn State. They are undefeated, soundly defeating opponents, and only have two potentially difficult matchups left: on the road to Ohio State and their final game against Michigan State. If Texas or Alabama falls, Penn State could go to the national championship as the annual Big Ten representative (because we all know how good they've been).

I do wonder, is it possible for a Penn State-BYU national championship? But don't worry, that wouldn't stop the debate of a BCS playoff.
(Photo credits: Lincoln Journal Star (Colt McCoy), SI (Saban))

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windsor said...

For now I will agree, but keeping in mind the schedules, it's doubtful either Alabama or Texas will be in the national championship. I don't see Penn State stumbling, and neither do I see BYU... but who knows.

There is a reason that college football is THE best sport in America. Eat it, NFL.