Saturday, October 4, 2008

Postgame Report Card: Virginia 31, Maryland 0

The word of the game is... umm… it is… well… bad. Very bad. Inexcusably bad. Unbelievably bad. Inexplicably bad. What am I supposed to say? What is any fan or coach or player supposed to say after a game such as this? A superior team (Maryland) let a vastly inferior one (Virginia) make a mockery of them. In talking with Falco and Expatriate, there is only one thing that we could all get out of this game: it is impossible to trust Maryland anymore. Impossible. They very well could go on and win the ACC, but this team will never be the dominant week-in-week-out team that it very well can and should be. That’s just the way it is.

Offense - Overall Grade: F
Quarterbacks: D
Chris Turner reverted back to mediocrity today; 20-34 for 224 yards and 1 interception. He accumulated only 75 yards in the first half, most of which on a last second hook-and-ladder play. In his defense, Turner was never put in a position to have success in this game.
Running Backs: D
Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, was it the backs or the offensive line that led to a total of 63 combined rushing yards for Meggett and Scott? Remember that Virginia had (has) one of, if not the, worst run defense in the ACC. Meggett showed good quickness and vision for a couple plays in the first half.
Wide Receivers: D
This marks the second consecutive week where Heyward-Bey was held without a catch. Darrius, you’re the biggest playmaker on this team and you get credit for that, but that also means you have to step up in big games. Ronnie Tyler stepped up big-time in this game where his teammates did not.
Tight Ends: F
Don’t let Gronkowski’s three catches convince you he had a good game; his fumble in the third quarter ended the last realistic chance for a Maryland comeback.
Offensive Line: F
If Virginia shuts down your running game, the line gets an F. End of story.

Defense - Overall Grade: F

Defensive Line: D
This unit was dominated from the very start of this football game. Virginia could run the ball at will, and Verica had all day to throw. The ends had no control over the perimeter on outside runs.
Linebackers: F
They couldn’t stop the run and they couldn’t stop the pass. Maybe they just didn’t respect Virginia? Something has to explain their lack of focus and intensity in this game.
Defensive Backs: D
Virginia did not have a single touchdown pass in four games before this one. Now they have two.

Special Teams - Overall Grade: D+
Kicker: F

Egekeze only had to handle one kickoff. He couldn’t even do that.
Punter: D+
The normally brilliant Travis Baltz offered an inexplicably poor performance, averaging 34 yards on five punts; his one exceptional punt was nullified by a running-into-the-kicker penalty. When it rains, it pours.
Returners: B
Torrey Smith looked very good on kick returns and Oquendo was steady and smart on punt returns. It was a solid performance overall by this group, but nothing exceptional.
Coverage: A
Virginia had no returns all game, and a field goal was blocked. *golf clap*

Coaching - Overall Grade: F
Offensive: F

THIS OFFENSE WAS SHUT OUT BY VIRGINIA. Duke scored 31 points against UVA’s defense.
Defensive: F-
THIS DEFENSE GAVE UP THIRTY-ONE POINTS TO VIRGINIA. Virginia only managed to score 16 points against Richmond (previous season high).

And for my MVP/LVP...
MVP (Most Valuable Player) –Ronnie Tyler–
Someone has to be the MVP. Five catches for 56 yards easily gives Ronnie Tyler the most impressive offensive performance of the day. He became a security blanket for Turner in the fourth quarter.
LVP (Least Valuable Player) –Dan Gronkowski– Someone has to be the LVP. The blame is spread around across the team, and if this was least valuable PERSON, then I would give it to Chris Cosh. But, since it is only for players, I give it to Dan Gronkowski because of his inexcusable fumble in the third quarter. As mentioned previously, that fumble slammed the door on Maryland’s comeback hopes.

Final conclusion: This Terrapin team can never be trusted to take care of business against an inferior opponent. Don’t get too attached; they’ll break your heart.

(Photo Credit: Patrick Smith/Baltimore Sun)

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Bill-DC said...

Awful. Virginia scored 36 points total in the prior four games. They should have exceeded that last night.

The good news is this team is off next week but the defense will still find a way to give up 30 points.

I remember Fridge saying to some point his program doesn't lose to Virginia and Duke.

Well, if the Cavs didn't blow a 20-0 half time lead in 2006 he's looking at three straight L's to them.

He's also damn lucky Duke isn't on the schedule this year.

Which Terps team shows up against Wake? Stay tuned.