Monday, October 13, 2008

Tommy Bowden Officially "Fired" From Clemson and WYFF4 in Greenville have both reported that Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden has been fired. Later, it was reported by that he resigned.

After starting the season as the ACC favorites and #9 in the nation, Clemson has started the season 3-3 after losing their first game against Alabama and two ACC contests to Maryland and Wake Forest.

Bowden deserved this "firing" (I'd bet anything it was forced). After a national audience saw Alabama completely obliterate on national television, then Maryland comeback on them in Death Valley, then Wake Forest beat a Clemson team that looked pathetic again on national television, Bowden had this coming.

The fact is there is no excuse with a great combo of James Davis and C.J. Spiller, who were called by some the most talented running back duo in college football, a fast and crushing defense, and the weakness of this year's ACC, Clemson with their talent should have run away with this conference and been in contention for the national title. Instead, once again they choke and/or don't show up against inferior or equal opponents. Again.

For Maryland, it is perfect, cause they've already beaten Clemson this season. For the ACC, it is good as well, Clemson can probably get back to form in a few years. This conference needs its powerhouses to play well, especially Virginia Tech and Clemson.

I'm surprised it took them this long. Last year Clemson extended his contact to the dismay of many Clemson fans, so a big buyout could be in order ( says reportedly $4 million). But nonetheless, he is gone. No more Bowden Bowl, not that it has been interesting in the last few years. One Bowden gone, and we'll see how long the other Bowden has too. Goodbye Tommy Bowden, and have fun wherever you go. You won't be back in the ACC.

UPDATE: Sophomore starting quarterback Cullen Harper said of Bowden's departure from "It's what he deserved," Harper said. "Dabo Swinney is a fine man and will do an excellent job."

Wow. Not that I believe Harper is one to talk, with four touchdowns and six interceptions, but when your underachieving quarterback says your departure was "deserved," that says something. Though, I would argue Cullen Harper being benched is "deserved," if it ever happens.

(Photo credit: ESPN)

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