Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tommy Bowden is Finished at Clemson

Many a Maryland fan may hate Ralph Friedgen, but I guarantee he's better than Tommy Bowden, who should be fired at the end of the season from Clemson.

A coach that had the only team in the conference with sure-fire talent to win the ACC and a #9 ranking to start the season. A killer combo rushing attack with C.J. Spiller and James Davis. Now, after two losses on national television combining for 14 points in those contests plus a 3-3 record for a Clemson team that has done nothing but underachieve year after year, most recently with a pathetic loss on national television to Wake Forest 12-7.

Obviously as Maryland fans, this is great because they've won twice in Death Valley against ranked-Clemson squads, and believe me I love it.

But Clemson is one of the few teams in the conference that should be able to play well year after year, and now when they aren't doing well the ACC looks terrible, again. With Florida State in decline and Miami in rebuilding mode, the ACC needs teams like Clemson and Virginia Tech to play well to legitimize the conference. Time and time again, ACC squads look just pathetic on national television. Could the Mountain West with BYU and Utah be better? Right now they could be.

The ACC will be much better once the Bowden family leaves the coaching ranks. If only Maryland could aim for a conference title in the mean time.........

(Photo credit: Charleston Post and Courier)

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windsor said...

Right now the Mountain West IS better... and you know why? For those two teams you mentioned; Utah and BYU. Either of those schools could beat any team in the ACC, and it wouldn't be close.