Monday, October 20, 2008

Adam Loewen is Gone from Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun reports that Adam Loewen has been released by the Orioles today. Loewen had been trying to come back to the majors as a position player after constant arm injuries ended his pitching career.

Most of us saw this coming. Loewen was a former 1st round pick and was expected to be a star in the making, but after all the injuries, he couldn't continue on the mound, and has been trying to go the hitting route. But the Orioles decided to release him. Most likely, barring a great comeback with another organization, Loewen will never return to the majors.

This is proof that nothing is certain from the Draft. Anything can happen to high picks, and you have to plan according with the farm system. Loewen had a promising future, but he never panned out.

But more, you have to feel bad for Loewen. He was a very good kid and made a hard but smart decision to stop pitching. I just hope he'll be all right in the future, I'd hate to see this kid's career end like this.

(Photo credit: MLB)

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