Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maryland Media Day: Eric Hayes to the Point

For WMUC I checked out Maryland Media Day for men's basketball to check out the new team. Gary Williams, marching for his 20th year in Terpland, announced that Eric Hayes would return to the point guard position, replacing Greivis Vasquez.

This is an interesting move. While Vasquez, a 6'6'' guard that can drive inside the paint, had been coming into his own at the point and is projected as one to the NBA after this year. Hayes, a 6'4'' guard who lost his position because of ball control issues, has been given a second chance at the 5.

I know he has been a disappointment so far in College Park, but he stayed here amidst transfer rumors and if he can play the point, go for it. Though Hayes has real turnover issues, if he can play the point well, that will have Vasquez back to his natural position to shooting guard. This combination is much better for Maryland in the long run because the two will work much better that way. Also take into account that Maryland has numerous back court players, and having Hayes and Bowie focus on the point frees up Cliff Tucker to the 3 and gives the possibility of freshman Sean Mosley either starting or being the primary backup. Hayes may have lost his role in the past, but it is good to see that Gary thinks he deserves another shot.

On that, to finish out this post, I give you a Gary quote from the press conference.

Reporter: Maryland had a high number of turnovers last year, how do you look to fix that?
Gary: Make less turnovers.
(Photo credit: Washington Post)

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