Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Will Yeatman Tranferring to Maryland?

Inside Lacrosse's John Jiloty is reporting from a source "close to the situation" that Will Yeatman, a Notre Dame football tight end and All-American lacrosse attack, will likely transfer to Maryland.

The California native was suspended during the 2008 lacrosse season after being arrested and later in the year got suspended from the football team after being the high-profile case of the police raid in South Bend that saw many lacrosse players, including Will Yeatman being arrested. He has since asked for a transfer, and since Notre Dame would not allow a transfer release to someone on their schedule this season, this limited his options. Maryland had been on Yeatman's list of schools before choosing Notre Dame.

If Yeatman transfers to Maryland, the following scenario would happen. Since he did not play lacrosse in 2008, he would be able to play in 2009 with his first of three years of eligibility. He played in three football games for the Irish, so transfer rules would require him to sit out in 2009, so he'll suit up in 2010 for his only year of eligibility remaining.

From a football standpoint, Yeatman probably would not be much of a factor catching the ball. Maryland often brings in strong tight ends, and Yeatman would be competing with many of them. Before he got suspended, Yeatman had just two catches for six yards in his three games. Notre Dame describes him as a blocking tight end, and at 6'6'' and 265 pounds, it is not hard to see why. The last Notre Dame transfer Maryland received played very well, Isaiah Gardner, started two years for the Terps as the second cornerback from 2005-2006.

On the lacrosse side, Yeatman was an honorable mention All-American in 2007 after leading his team in assists with 25, plus getting 21 goals. Maryland started three freshmen at attack last season, Grant Catalino, Ryan Young, and Travis Reed. All three would end with more than 27 points and lead Maryland in scoring. This said, it is hard to see where Yeatman will play. It is possible either Young or Reed could move to midfield, where Maryland could use some help, since Yeatman and Catalino are more fit for attack due to their size. Maryland would like the depth at attack, especially since Young and Reed have both were arrested for DUI in 2008. The fact is, as long as Yeatman plays, adding an All-American to an already strong offensive team will be very helpful to the season. Dave Cottle's attack core would be set for the next three years with Yeatman, Catalino, Young, and Reed.

This move will undoubtedly bring controversy. Maryland was criticized for only suspending Reed and Young for two games, which was 10% of the season, and now they are taking in Yeatman. However, Yeatman is a solid player, and one that will be another good player in a solid offense. This is not official yet, but John Jiloty says that if he does transfer to College Park, Yeatman and Catalino would be the best attack duo in the country. Not to mention a useful tight end for Ralph Friedgen.

(Photo credit: Notre Dame athletics (Yeatman lacrosse), Lacrosse Magazine (Yeatman football))

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