Monday, December 22, 2008

Teixeira's Offer From Angels Removed, Orioles Back in Play?

The Angels have reported removed their 8-year offer to Mark Teixeira and will not pursue him further. With the Red Sox most likely out of the running voluntarily, this means the Orioles might yet have a shot with him. Although it had been reported earlier the Orioles might not be in the running anymore, with the Angels and Red Sox out, this has changed.

The consensus is that Teixeira will go to one of three teams now, the Nationals, the O's, or the Yankees. Supposedly the offers are as follows:
--Nats: 8 years, $160 million (Dave Sheinin, Washington Post)
--O's: 7 years, $140-150 million (Jeff Zrebiec, Baltimore Sun)
--Yankees: no official offer yet (Michael S. Schmidt, New York Times)

Supposedly Scott Boras, Tex's agent, has contacted the Yankees, no doubt trying to get a big offer. Had the Yankees really wanted him, they could have easily outbid the O's and Nats, so it is possible they played into the bidding to disrupt the Red Sox. The Nats and O's have put offers on the table, and the Orioles might up the offer slightly if it could push the edge.

I'm not sure why the Angels and Red Sox felt the need to withdraw their offers, but everytime Scott Boras seems to negotiate, something goes wrong. He still has not gotten a deal for Manny Ramirez and a number of his cilents, including Jeremy Guthrie just a week ago, have fired him as a result. He is a good agent that gets great money, but I'm not sure if he is getting to greedy, especially in this economy.

But with the Orioles, now is the time to make a move if you have one. Boras and Tex want a deal by Christmas. If Tex follows the money, he will either take the Nats offer or wait for the Yankees. If he does not care about ten million extra, he will sign with his boyhood team. It is now at the point where, can the Orioles afford not to sign him, and let him go to the Nats? We all hope not.

UPDATE 12/23/08: MASN's Roch Kubatko reports the Nationals have upped their offer to 8 years, $178-184 million.

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