Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Teixeira Goes to the Yankees, Baltimore Shouldn't be Surprised

Let's face it, none of us expected Mark Teixeira to sign with the Orioles. Andy MacPhail made it clear he would need to take a hometown discount to play here, and knowing Scott Boras, "hometown discount" is not in the Boras negotiation dictionary. Though we may be surprised Tex will be with the Evil Empire, the fact is 8-years, $180 million is too good to pass up. We can't blame Tex for going, the Yankees for offering, or the Orioles for not offering. In baseball, you play to win, and the Yankees are willing to spend a ton of money. But for the Orioles, signing Teixeira was not going to mean a playoff appearance or even a chance at one. There is too much to do and too many positions to improve. The Orioles still have serious work to do, and now that this is over, MacPhail and company can focus back on rebuilding.

According to Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun, the Orioles are still going after free agents, some of whom include Braden Looper, a decent starter of the last two years for St. Louis, and former Nats starter Tim Redding. Neither are considered future pieces, both are in their early 30s. After letting Daniel Cabrera go, they need a new starter to eat up innings, since they want to keep their future starters in the farm system until they are ready. I hope they go after a bullpen pitcher and a temporary position player, whether it be left field or first base.

The fact is there will not be a star or very well known player signed by the Orioles this offseason, but that is probably a good thing. The Orioles do not want to waste money right now especially in these times. Not getting Mark Teixeira may hurt in the short term, but the Orioles knew they probably were not going to get him, and perhaps it is better this way.

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