Saturday, November 29, 2008

Postgame Report Card: #21 Boston College 28, Maryland 21

We almost expected Pam Ward to say "Flutie did it, Flutie did it." The fake field goal turned touchdown plus the dominating BC defense got them the win tonight. For the first time in seven attempts, Maryland failed to take down a ranked opponent. Though it was a hard fought game, many things could have been changed to possibly change Maryland's fortune.

With the victory, Boston College wins the Atlantic Division, earning a place in the ACC Tournament against Coastal Division champion Virginia Tech. Maryland at 7-5 will await the bowl selections next week.

Offense - Overall Grade: C
Quarterbacks: B
This is the first game all season where Chris Turner had a above average day while the Terps lost. But with no help from the running game or the playcalling, Turner kept Maryland in the game. 33/57 for 360 yards, three scores (two pass, one run) and two picks. One interception was returned for a touchdown late in the game. But Turner did what he could, especially without Darrius Heyward-Bey. 20 of the 22 first downs came from the air.
Running Backs: F+
Da'Rel Scott: 13 carries for 20 yards. Davin Meggett: three rushes for four yards. Only reason this is not an F is because Boston College is a great run defense. The only reason.
Wide Receivers: B+
Without Heyward-Bey to lead them, Danny Oquendo, Torrey Smith, and Emani Lee-Odai had solid performances, with the first two getting over 100 yards and a touchdown. This is the first game we have really seen the depth of Maryland's receiving core.
Tight Ends: C
This grade is split: Lansford Watson had a solid game with five catches and good blocking, Dan Gronkowski had no catches and did not help at all.
Offensive Line: F
It does not matter how good the opposing line is. When you net -4 yards on the ground and allow five sacks, you failed today. Plus, the line seemed to have issues at inopportune moments, including Scott Burley receiving two holding penalties.

Defense - Overall Grade: B-
Defensive Line: C-
Decent pressure was put on Dominique Davis, but Montel Harris was a killer runner against the front line. By not stopping Harris, the BC offense was allowed to flow well. Only one sack on an ACC quarterback that had never started a game.
Linebackers: B
The linebacker corps had to make up for a lot of the line's mistakes, with Alex Wujciak and Dave Philistin getting double digit tackles.
Secondary: B-
With the exception of the one play where Jeff Allen missed his coverage completely and allowed a touchdown, the passing game was kept in check by the secondary. Davis only averaged 5.4 yards a pass.

Special Teams - Overall Grade: C+
Kicker: C-
Obi Egekeze missed a short field goal, converted three extra points.
Punter: B-
Even a bad day for Travis Baltz isn't all that bad. Only averaged 33 yards a punt, but pinned two inside the 20.
Returners: B-
Once again, nothing special, nothing bad. Danny Oquendo had a few questionable decisions on returns, but no turnovers or close calls. Torrey Smith had one great return, one bad one, and four mediocre ones.
Coverage: D
Billy Flutie is the holder and the kicker is not reliable. No one expects a trick play, but Maryland looks very unprepared for such a thing. That fake was the play of the game, and the game was won by one touchdown.

Coaching - Overall Grade: C
Offense: D+
James Franklin is lucky that Chris Turner played well, because he made life incredibly difficult for his quarterback. Putting in bad running plays, and in turn, giving up on the rushing attack all together. The line couldn't stop the BC front seven, so Turner kept getting pressured. Eventually Turner would make a big mistake, which led to the pick six. Turner has to have more help from the playcalling.
Defense: B-
Chris Cosh didn't do a bad job tonight, BC kept switching up the plays and offense to offense, both teams matched. The blitz packages could have been better, especially against a player with Davis's experience, but the defense was not bad tonight.

MVP: Chris Turner
It has already been mentioned, the leader of the offense was Turner. Single-handedly he kept the Terps in this contest.
LVP: Da'Rel Scott
13 carries for 20 yards. One of those carries was for nine yards, so 12 carries for 11 yards. It doesn't matter how good the defense is. The lack of a running game killed Maryland tonight.

(Photo credits: Baltimore Sun)

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Bill-DC said...

Just a sour taste in my mouth from these last two games. I hope they go to Boise and play on the blue field because that sums up how a lot of Terps fans feel.

Before the football game I went and checked out the soccer team in their round of 16 match up vs Cal. The Terps won 2-1 and play in the elite 8 next Saturday, 1:00 PM vs Creighton at Ludwig Field.