Monday, November 24, 2008

Eddie Jordan Fired as Wizards Coach

The Washington Post has reported that Eddie Jordan has been fired as Wizards head coach this morning. Jordan is the second head coach already fired this season in the NBA, the first being P.J. Carlesimo from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Wizards without Gilbert Arenas and Brendan Haywood have started the season 1-10. Though Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler have been solid, and Nick Young and JaVale McGee are continuing to grow, no other player has shown effectiveness for Washington.

But this is not the fault of Eddie Jordan. This problem was entirely on management. The front office can't put a decent, healthy team on the court. They spend $111 million over six years to keep Gilbert Arenas, who may be more harm then good with his injuries, the fact his teammates play better without him, and his running mouth. They let Roger Mason go, who is averaging 15 points a game with the Spurs. With the re-signing of Jamison for $50 million over four years (that was fine, he is an All-Star forward), the Wizards basically spent $161 million dollars to stay the same. Yes they got to 43-39 last year plus the playoffs, but it that really worth spending all that money?

There is nothing to suggest that the Wizards have a strong future. Arenas is rarely healthy. Young and McGee look like rising players, but they have a way to go. Worse, Etan Thomas, Brendan Haywood, Antonio Daniels, and Darius Songalia combined this year average 12.3 points per game. This season, those four are making over $17 million combined. So how is this Jordan's fault?

Eddie Jordan was not a great coach. But he was a good one. He got his team in line when the star got hurt, and his teams made the playoffs the last four seasons. You can't blame him because of injuries and terrible team management by the front office. He did not deserve this.

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windsor said...

What happened to Eddie Jordan is absolutely disgusting... The Wizards were a joke before he turned things around. The NBA season has just started! The man has done more for this franchise than anyone in recent history, he's earned more than this.

You know just the other day I was talking about how NBA teams have awfully quick trigger fingers...

Expatriate said...

Look, if he was fired because of this year's performance, then I totally agree. HOWEVER, if he was fired for not getting out of the first round despite having Jamison and Arenas for years, then I can see that. Look, Jordan never figured out how to make this team gel with its stars, making it one of the most inconsistent teams in the league from game to game.

In the NBA, it isn't about making the playoffs- it's about getting out of the first round and being a real contender. That's what kicked Gundy out of Houston, and that's what does in most coaches in this league eventually.