Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jin-Soo Kim Joins the Terps Roster

The Terps men's basketball roster is now set for the season. Jin-Soo Kim, a small forward from South Korea, is eligible to play from the ClearingHouse, according to Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun.

Kim is a 6'8'' forward that is best known for his three point shooting skills. He is more of an athletic forward than a big man down low. He was a 3-star recruit and was slated for the 2009 season, but he was allowed to join the Terps earlier, and is now eligible this season. He will be the first player from South Korea to play in Division I college basketball.

I don't know how much of an impact Kim will actually have. He will start practicing this week, which will not give him much time to get ready for the season, which has its first game on November 14th against Bucknell. Maryland is in need of three-point shooters, as Hayes and Vasquez are inconsistent from downtown.

If he looks good in practice, Kim could be a bench player, backing up Landon Milbourne, as both are athletic small forwards with a decent three point shot. But because of the lack of practice and the bigger need to put bangers in the front court, I don't see Jin-Soo Kim being much of a factor next year.

Seth Hoffman has a solid profile on Jin-Soo Kim on TurtleSportsReport.com dating back from last year.

(Photo credit: TurtleSportsReport.com)

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