Friday, November 7, 2008

Free Kicks

Free Kicks is on the road this week- well, I guess Free Kicks is in the same place but I am on the road. I gotta say, this time of year it really bothers me that the state of Maryland doesn’t truly have a professional basketball team. No, the Wizards don’t really count to me, though they are the closest thing we have; there is something that just feels wrong about sharing a team with the Nationals’ fan base. And in case you Nationals fans haven’t noticed, we are all about the O’s here. However, at least we have football. Let’s line up for the kick…

Scott Boras Strikes Again

Where oh where has Drew Rosenhaus gone? What’s worse- an agent who has his clients play chicken with an organization until the team inevitably caves or an agent who is completely insane and wants to be as much of a celebrity as his clients? The former, Scott Boras, is much more dangerous to the sports world. The Dodgers are playing the Manny Ramirez deal the right way, trying to show that they are making a push for their fan base and that it is Ramirez who is turning away from the city. Boras meanwhile is pushing for a 5 year deal for a 36 year old power hitter. Don’t get me wrong, Ramirez is an incredible player- but when you are a below average fielder with Ramirez’s history of attitude issues, you should be fortunate to get the second-highest salary in baseball.

However, Boras is a brilliant agent. He will get that deal he wants, and he will get the same deals for Mark Teixeira and his other clients. He has no problem completely taking his player off the table; he will go farther in a game of chicken than any other agent. Sometimes it comes back to bite him as it did with A-Rod last offseason (I know he got the biggest deal ever but he was convinced he could get more on the free agent market and he left some cash on the table when the Yankees realized that no other team could afford Boras’ asking price), but more often than not the superstars get the superstar money, the role players get whatever is left over (less than they would normally), and the fans foot the bill. Get that extra 2 years, Manny and see what your new team can afford to put around you on the field- it won’t be much.

I’ll Leave it to Falco or Windsor for the Postgame, but…

That’s what happens when you can’t run the football. Oh yea, and can’t for the love of God stop the guy who was averaging 4 yards a carry and had never topped 21 carries or 94 yards in a game! Sean Glennon could have been replaced with a toaster and it wouldn’t have mattered with that swiss cheese front 7.

BCS Busters Still Rolling

As you know, I have always been a proponent of mid-majors making the leap into the BCS picture. There are some incredible teams- and incredible coaching staffs- that have turned former Division 1 also-rans into legitimate title contenders. Many of these teams run an unorthodox offense or defense, usually created to make the most out of their originally thin talent pool. However, despite their improvement and general dominance, they cannot get the respect they deserve. Tonight college football got to enjoy TCU-Utah in a battle of two of the most consistently dominant mid-major programs in recent history.

Though I have a soft spot for TCU, I was glad they were unable to down Utah and knock them from the ranks of the unbeaten. Look, I don’t expect the Utes to get into the championship game, but every time a mid-major or any other team goes undefeated and is ignored by the voters it puts just a little more pressure on the powers that be to do something to correct the mythical national championship. TCU actually came close to being added to the Big Twelve when the Southwest Conference was dismantled after the 1995 season. Should a team be tossed permanently from national title hopes just because it was put in a bad conference by someone else?

I wonder if they would want Utah over in the PAC 10…

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