Monday, August 17, 2009

Midnight Draft Deadline Approaches

As the MLB world approaches for the midnight draft deadline, the Orioles will be trying to get some of their last couple picks signed and into the minors.

Not much is that hectic really for the Birds. Eight of the first 10 picks have already signed, including 1st rounder Matt Hobgood and 3rd rounder Tyler Townsend. The only two that have not signed are 2nd rounder Mychal Givens (offer withdrawn to him) and 8th rounder Devin Harris (is returning to ECU).

Among others the Orioles signed included Steven Bumbry from the 12th Round and Mike Flacco from the 31st Round.

But obviously what is happening down south may be more interesting. Whether or not 1st overall pick Stephen Strasburg will sign with the Nationals. The Nats offered him a record contract, and whatever it was (the offer is not public knowledge), Scott Boras rejected it.

The deadline doesn't bring much to the O's, but it is interesting what it might do to the Nats.

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