Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Kicks: The Return (Edition)

Okay, so this ends the 3 week hiatus of free kicks, when I have been unable to post on Fridays due to work, vacation, etc. Today in fact I am off work as Windsor has come up to visit me in Michigan. Last weekend I was actually out in Las Vegas, losing my money and making me look forward to making it again at work. However, it was tons of fun.

Quick question: is the fact that the Orioles keep losing by such small margins a good sign or a bad sign? Is it a sign of progress or of an inability to close out games? Ask Jim Johnson, who may not be closer material but he will get his chances to prove himself before next season. Remember when he was going to be a starter? I still think he could/should be one, but if he is needed as a solid reliever, the Orioles should keep him there. Either way, with football season nearly upon us, let’s line up for the kick…

Brandon Marshall Suspended by Broncos
Can we stop talking about bringing him in now? I know Anita Marks is having chills over the idea of trading for the disgruntled wide receiver, but let’s reassess- so he has legal problems, anger problems, problems with his management, problems with his coaching staff, only 2 great seasons to judge him on (with a great quarterback throwing him the ball), and he is going to want a fat new contract. There aren’t many receivers in the league I would want on my team less. This guy is currently acting like a Terrell Owens without the reputation for production- and T.O. never in my memory flipped out over contract issues like Marshall has- though he hasn’t been anywhere long enough for that to happen.

Vick and Favre Make their Debuts
With a second NFL story in this week’s kicks, it is clear that football is starting to take over. Michael Vick did what he was supposed to, get comfortable under center and get in a few odd formations. I am almost glad he is suspended for the first six weeks, he is a long way from being in football shape and he will need his dynamic speed in order to become an impact player for the Eagles. He has shown a new work ethic and seems determined to make the most of his opportunity to remake his life. He grew up not even knowing that people actually cared about their dogs, and now he has the right support system to make a difference in the world. I cannot fathom what he did, but I don’t believe in destroying someone for life who seems poised to transform himself.

As for Favre, he made a fool out of himself and destroyed his reputation by coming back- who exactly is going to like him when he is finally done his career? He is joining the rival of his old team, so scratch any Packers fans who still liked him. He failed to get the Jets to the playoffs after a thrilling start, so arm injury or not New York fans will not be forgiving. Vikings fans will love him now but he still played them too many times for them to like him once he is gone- unless he brings them a ring. He won’t though, he is good but not that good anymore to get this team over the hump. The Vikings organization has destroyed their former 2nd round pick, Tavaris Jackson, by constantly pulling him in and out of the starting job from the very start of his career. They have shown no patience in handling him and may be devastating his psyche in the process. Good job trying to salvage him when Favre leaves- and trying to salvage the locker room.

Added bonus: From now on, every Free Kicks will include a prediction for the weekend, it can be about anything really, though preferably sports related. Here goes!

Prediction for the Weekend: The Orioles will take 2 out of the 3 remaining games with the Cleveland Indians, earning the split.

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