Friday, September 11, 2009

Free Kicks

I, Falco am taking over the Free Kicks edition this week, as Expatriate wanted to do the Ravens preview, so I'm filling in today. So, *cue tape player*, let's line up for the kick:

Nolan Reimold Should Be Rookie of the Year
Of course we in Baltimore want one of our own for rookie of the year, but frankly, looking at the opposition, I feel Reimold is the best choice. The competition falls to four people, Reimold, shortstop Elvis Andrus of the Rangers (arguably top-choice by many analysts), third baseman Gordon Beckham of the White Sox, and closer Andrew Bailey of the Athletics. To compare with the other two batters: Andrus is clearly the faster player and has more runs and stolen bases, but Reimold is a better power hitter, and has more than double his home runs. Beckham is very similar to Reimold, with a few more RBI, but only one home run. Reimold should not be penalized because the White Sox have more talent around him. For Bailey, he has been a solid closer, converting 23 of 27 chances with a 2.06 ERA and a 79-22 K-BB ratio. Those are good, but that is not a lot of saves for a closer in a year for a team, so I would edge Reimold again. If Reimold could push his average to around .280, he could led all rookies in average and home runs, and should be the rookie of the year this season.

Seymour! Report Already Seymour!
Nobody as talented as Richard Seymour wants to play for the Raiders. As historic as the franchise is, the last few years have been pathetic for the organization, and no one wants to willing play for them. As you all know, Richard Seymour is an all-Pro defensive end that got traded from the Patriots to the Raiders for a future #1 pick. Talk about a downgrade of teams, but nonetheless, Seymour needs to report. It is just one season, don't worry about it. Don't lower your stock for free agency so much by sitting out a whole season. Besides, maybe you can be a leader on the team as they get ready for their season. But don't do this now Seymour. You are too talented to act this way.

Roger Federer is the Greatest Men's Tennis Player Ever
The facts tell the story. He has won 15 Grand Slams, including at least one in all four major tournaments, reached 22 straight semifinals and 16 of the last 17 finals. And he is still in position to win a few more, even though Rafael Nadal currently is the better player. Understanding the arguments for Rod Laver and Pete Sampras, Federer is the best player to ever play. His backhand is one of the deadliest ever and he shows great cool on the court no matter his situation. He has had some great players go against him in his day, including Nadal, Lleyton Hewitt, Sampras and Agassi in their later years, and Andy Roddick, and through it all, Federer won 15 Slams, possibly more. He is the greatest tennis player to ever play.

College Football This Weekend:
It is not the most exciting of weekends for college football, but nonetheless we are in weekend two. Probably we here at ATH will watch the Weis-Rod matchup between #23 Notre Dame and Michigan at 3:30, then the Maryland-JMU game at 6:00, then ending with the rest of #4 USC vs. #6 Ohio State. USC-OSU is the only matchup of ranked teams this weekend, but college football is still on. My early predictions are for these three games: Michigan by 3 due to being at home, Maryland by 10, and USC by 17.


Andrew Seid said...

62-77 does not equal a winning team, hate to break it to ya.

Falco said...

you are right, I assumed Oakland was a winning team for some reason. Thanks for the catch; changed it up there.