Monday, September 21, 2009

College Football Blogpoll Week 4

As you know, I am a big proponent of opening up the BCS to Mid-majors in a meaningful way (that is, actually giving a team outside of the big 6 conferences a chance to win the national title), and the only way that is going to happen is if a mid-major makes an argument that cannot be ignored. With BYU and Utah going down this weekend, those dreams took a big hit for this season. Utah hadn't looked all that impressive so far this season, so their loss was much less shocking than BYU being shellacked in Provo by Florida State. Well, we will always have Boise.

Speaking of which, when was the last time Boise State had more than one regular season loss? It has happened once since 2000, in 2004 when they went 9-4. Unfortunately they don't play anyone this season, so odds are the voters will have no problem coming up with another excuse to exclude them. At this point it is more acceptable to keep Boise State out, since they have been shut out enough times in the past that their arguments are stale, though still valid.

Some interesting developments in the poll; I think Windsor was the outlier this time, knocking Va Tech and leaving Houston and Georgia Tech off his poll and giving a lot of credit to Florida State. He could be right on all counts, the ACC schedule will answer a lot of those questions.

1) Florida (2)- Disappointed in not trouncing Tennessee, but no reason not to keep the champs at #1.
2) Alabama (1)- Tied in points with Texas, but took 2nd by virtue of Windsor’s 1st place vote.
3) Texas- Didn’t look overly impressive, but took out a quality Texas Tech team.
4) Penn State- Not sure how they got this high, but they keep winning by large margins, if against terrible competition.
5) Mississippi- Ditto for this team that just keeps winning, though they definitely are looking better each week.
6) California- Struggled against Minnesota on the road, but Jahvid Best makes this team go.
7) Boise State- With the other Mid-Majors going down, I have to tie my cart to the Broncos.
8) Miami (FL)- Their resume so far speaks for itself. This could be a top-5 team when all is said and done.
9) LSU- Washington’s win over USC makes LSU’s win over the Huskies look that much better.
10) USC- Tied with LSU in points, but I gave the Tigers the edge by virtue of them having beaten Washington. I might be concerned about that Trojans offense.
11) Ohio State- Trounced Toledo. Congratulations.
12) Oklahoma- Sam who? Landry Jones is growing up before our eyes.
13) TCU- Believe it or not I ranked them lower than Falco or Windsor; they need to beat someone before I am sold- they don’t have the recent history Boise does.
14) Virginia Tech- That last minute win over the Cornhuskers was nice, but getting consistency out of the offense will haunt this team all season.
15) Cincinnati- Hard to say they aren’t legit, as much as I want to knock the Big East.
16) Oklahoma State- Still trying to figure out who they are, and where they put their defense.
17) BYU- They could have made waves this season; instead they just made Miami’s win over Florida State look a lot better.
18) Georgia- I am not sold; I have to wait to see how South Carolina, Oklahoma State, and Arkansas finish out the season. They are all enigmas to me at this point.
19) Florida State- Tied with North Carolina, but North Carolina has looked lackluster in its wins this season.
20) North Carolina- Florida State is clearly the better team right now; I need to see this team beat someone (and Connecticut doesn’t count).
21) Kansas- They keep downing the cupcakes, and climbing up the rankings. We will see if they will take a tumble like 2 years ago once they face decent competition.
22) Houston- Would have been much higher if Windsor hadn’t left them off his poll. Maybe hosting Texas Tech next weekend will show us where this team belongs.
23) Michigan- Racking up 380 yards on the ground brought back memories of Rich Rod at West Virginia. The defense will have to play better for this to stay a top 25 team.
24) Georgia Tech- Again left off of Windsor’s poll, maybe the whooping they were handed by Miami showed some major flaws. Has the triple option been exposed? Will it be?
25) Nebraska- This team hasn’t beaten a Top 20 opponent since 2001. I can’t put them on my poll until they win a big game.

Others receiving votes (in order of total # of votes): South Carolina, Oregon State, Missouri


Windsor said...

First off: Houston did knock off Oklahoma State, but I haven't seen enough to not count that as a fluke-- I just don't feel it.

And why should we rank Georgia Tech? They've looked lackluster all season and then got pounded in every facet of the game. I believe it was Expatriate who was harping on "base solely off of performance"...

Craig said...

are you not going to at all admit you calling the steelers/bears game completely wrong?

Expatriate said...

Oh Craig, of course- you need to wait until Free Kicks for me to address the prediction from last week! This was a college football post, after all. So touchy! Be patient, I have no problem looking like an idiot on this- isn't that what blogs are for?

Yea, I called that wrong, and I stand at 1-1 in my weekend predictions. The Bears looked like the old Bears even without Brian Urlacher, and it was a great defensive struggle to watch.

Craig said...

Hey, I'm not hating on you! I love reading your blogs and after re-reading my post I can see where it was a "bit touchy". Sorry about that. I know it was a college football blog but after reading 4 posts since that one and nothing on it... i thought it was time to say something. Forgive my premature post, por favor.