Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kyle Boller starting? Don't panic

In the first preseason game against the Patriots, John Harbaugh and the Ravens will go with Kyle Boller as the starting quarterback.

Brian Billick's undying loyalty to Boller and the subsequent lack of success from #7 was a strong reason for Billick's firing as head coach after last season. Boller was a bust as a first round pick and has caused many Ravens fans pain. But don't panic just yet.

This is just a preseason game; nothing is set in stone. As of right now, it is perfectly reasonable to say Boller is the best quarterback of the three right now. Although Billick's trust may have been misplaced, what other option do the Ravens have? Joe Flacco shouldn't get the nod, at least not yet. You think going from college to pros is a big leap, imagine going from I-AA to the NFL. Flacco shouldn't be the one.

So what about Troy Smith? Smith didn't play badly for a rookie last year, but he didn't play well either. He is short for a quarterback and isn't utilizing his speed well. He is the popular pick to play, but it may be fueled by Ravens fans hatred of Boller. He could be the choice by Cam Cameron come the start of the season to see some new blood.

Billick may have had problems, but he firmly believed that between Boller and Smith, Boller gave the Ravens the best chance to win. Although Flacco is considered the future of the franchise, the Ravens still want to put a winning team on the field right now. Boller has the experience and Smith has the flair.

But all in all, don't panic Ravens fans. This is only a preseason game choice of starter.

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