Friday, July 4, 2008


This July 4th, we celebrate the birth of… Around the Harbor, our humble sports blog. Welcome to the first installment of what we hope will become a regular source for your Maryland sports news and opinion, from the Orioles to the Maryland Terrapins, from the Ravens to the Hopkins Blue Jays and everything in between.

Had the three of us been born and raised in New York or Boston, there would be no need for a blog like this. Every big market team, no matter how bad they are (for New York, see: Knicks, Jets, Mets, etc etc) get coverage all over the country. They are in every edition of SportsCenter, every national paper, and on the lips of every radio commentator. Fortunately for us, we were raised in this state where the “market” may be small but the fans are as passionate as anywhere in the country. We realize that our home city of Baltimore and the larger Maryland community need another outlet through which to get informed and talk freely about our teams without having to dig through obscure bits of information stuffed at the bottom of the “Other News” part of the Sports section.

We are three friends who simply love sports, and want to help create a broader base of dialogue among fans and have fun doing it. The Baltimore Sun is fine for general Orioles and Ravens commentary, but where is a Maryland football fan to go? Where can a lacrosse fan go to find localized coverage and analysis? We hope the answer to those questions will be “Around the Harbor”.

To that end, we have features that tailor to our local needs and go in-depth on every topic. We will have weekly segments on all our favorite teams, regular game commentary, and other upcoming media to make the site even more interactive. In addition to other regular columns, we will also feature audio from the Around the Harbor Radio Show, a radio show run out of College Park by two of our resident writers here. As more seasons begin in the next year we will cover Terrapin sports from field hockey to baseball, the Ravens exciting new season, and any national or regional developments in other sports that we just have to sound off on.

Thanks for reading, hon!

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