Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday continues to haunt the Orioles

Hello everyone, I'm Falco, and welcome to the Around the Harbor sports blog. I'm the most traditionialist of us three, given my fascination with sports history. I'm probably the biggest lacrosse fan of us three, given I freelance for Inside Lacrosse, but baseball is by far my favorite sport. But like most sports fans, I'm very opinionated.

The Sunday curse struck again for the Orioles, as they lost 11-10 to the Texas Rangers despite a valiant 5-run comeback attempt in the final two innings. The Orioles now have fallen to 1-13 on Sunday games, and 44-43 overall. Only thing I would question with the O's is the use of shortstop Freddie Bynum, who would go 0-3 and made a terrible throw to destroy a double play opportunity, which prolonged the 5-run Texas 8th inning. Kevin Millar had a solo shot and two doubles on the day.

So we fans couldn't take advantage of the "We Win, You Win" deal where if the Orioles won the game, fans could get a free ticket in the same section in a future non-prime game. I'm not sure which game I would want, but I've wanted to see the new Rays for a while. Do you remember anything like this from last season? The Orioles were bad on Sunday games then as well, but this offer never occured. There really does seem to be a sense of revival among the fans. Considering this was supposed to be a rebuilding year with many "experts" saying the Orioles would lose triple digit games, this season has been a huge success thus far with a winning season and improved attendance. It still is a rebuilding year and the Orioles won't make the playoffs, but a .500+ record at the break would be great.

The Orioles go on the road to Toronto and Boston before the All-Star Break. If Adam Loewen is hurt (he left the Sunday game with an arm injury), then the Orioles don't have a true long reliever for the road trip with Matt Albers out. This will put a lot of strain on the rotation, and they may need to go longer than normal. But if the Orioles can pull out three or more wins, they go into the break with over a .500 record.

(Photo credit: Gail Burton, AP)

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