Friday, October 2, 2009

Breaking News: Dave Trembley Will Return as Orioles Manager

Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun is reporting that Dave Trembley's 2010 option will be picked up, so Trembley will be returning as Orioles manager next year.

This had been a big topic of debate, especially with the Orioles September collapse. Andy MacPhail had said he was going to determine Trembley's job status soon, and his decision appears to be keeping him on-board.

I do not believe that Trembley should be the manager of the future for the O's, but for now I am fine with this call. The fact is the Orioles are not a competitive team, and it seemed like Trembley did the most with what he had as well as protecting the young players. The team likely could not have found anyone better than Trembley, so for now it is better to hold him here than get rid of him.

If nothing else, it is one less thing the Orioles have to worry about going into the offseason.

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