Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What? Really? What? This is the greatest thing ever.

So, I go to sleep last night with the Orioles down 9-1, stuck in a rain delay. Falco and I were both ecstatic to see the rain, hoping that the game could just end there and not count. Well, I wake up today at about 6 AM, thinking "well, maybe they'll try to squeeze in the end before the game today...". Then in my haze, I amble over to my computer (not even checking the scores because I don't need that kind of pain to start my day), and see an email from Falco. "Post tomorrow about THE GAME?" Game, what game? I checked the box scores. 11-10. Orioles.

Following said rain delay, the game continued as it had b
een. The Orioles continued to be shut down, and the Red Sox even tagged on an extra run in the top of the 7th to make it a 10-1 lead. A 10-1 lead for the best team in the American league with, incidentally, probably the best back end bullpen in all of major league baseball. So then the Orioles are there in the bottom of the seventh, down by nine runs, going into the late hours of the night with a day game looming the next day. So what do they do against John Masterson who struck out the side in the sixth? I'm glad you asked.
-Aubrey Huff singles
-Nolan Reimold (the man, the legend) singles
-Luke Scott doubles, 10-2 Red Sox
-Salazar hits for Mora, hits a 3-run home run to le
ft, 10-5 Red Sox
-Matt Wieters singles, Andino grounds into a fielders choice, Roberts advances Andino to second
-Felix Pie (didn't you think the game was over when he had to r
eplace Jones?) singles to center, 10-6 Red Sox

So then the Orioles are still down by four runs going into the eighth, where Mark Hendrickson is able to keep the Red Sox down and give the offense a chance. Then the offense came up in the bottom of the eighth.
-Nolan Reimold (the man, the legend) singles
-Luke Scott doubles

-Salazar reaches on an infield hit
-Matt Wieters (the Golden Boy) strokes a base hit to left, 10-7 Red Sox
-Ty Wigginton pinch hits for Andino, lifts a sac fly to left, 10-
8 Red Sox (can ya feel it?)
-Brian Roberts singles to left, 10-9 Red Sox
Now Jonathan Papelbon comes in, relieving Saito after both he and Okajima only recorded one out.
-Pie strikes out against Papelbon, two out.

-Nick Markakis smashes a double to left-center, 11-10 Orioles

Georgie comes in in the ninth inning, has some excitement but shuts down the Red Sox culminating in a beautiful swinging strikeout of Jason Bay. Eat it, Red Sox. I hope those fans who infested the Yards yesterday night think twice before they make the trip next time.

Now, let me qualify this joy by admitting that
I am unabashedly anti-Boston. I can't stand their teams, their fans, their wretched elitism, their standing upon some supposed moral superiority when they play the dirty game of moneyball as much as any other gluttonous sports giant. Their "Red Sox Nation" (along with Yankee fans who are just the same albeit not with the sense of righteousness) has continued to make a mockery of the All-Star voting, and have made a Red Sox-Orioles game nearly unwatchable at the Yards. I'm sure Boston is a lovely city, and it has a rich and meaningful history. But when it comes to sports, there's unbridled hate coming from this Baltimore sports fan.

But all the credit to the Orioles. They could have so very very easily phoned this in but they didn't. They kept playing hard, and played the game the right way. Do I think that this will catapult this team to contention? No. But I do believe it makes a large statement about the character of this team and about the talent that does exist on this ballclub. It might not have shown in recent weeks, but this club can hit and they have an awful lot of heart. Biggest comeback in franchise history. Biggest comeback of any last place team over a first place team in major league history. Enjoy this one, O's fans.

(Photo Credit: Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun)

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Falco said...

I do get to say when I saw the score was 10-6, I tuned back in, and what a game that was, truly the greatest Oriole game this century.