Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brady defending Angelos?

According to Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun as well as numerous other outlets, Brady Anderson has been coming to the defense of Orioles owner Peter Angelos. He wrote an op-ed piece in the Sun in response to Sports Illustrated's list of the worst owners in each of the major sports, and Angelos was named the worst in MLB. And Brady has not been happy with that.

A lot of SI's list was not based on the personality of the owner. It was mainly about economic issues and the current status of the team. With the Orioles, it was not hard to put Angelos low on the list, as the Orioles went from a competitor that often put 40,000 in the seats each game to a laughingstock that is lucky to get 25,000 in a contest. So on a pure economic and competitive standpoint, this conclusion is a provable one.

But Brady sees Angelos in a different light. Among the things mentioned in Peter Schmuck's blog was his willingness to spend money in the past, the nice treatment he gave some players, and him trying to get Palmeiro's brother out of Cuba.

It is certainly a different way to look at Angelos. And really, Brady is qualified to speak on the subject, as he so says in the article. However, it is hard to argue with what has been happening. The Orioles have had losing seasons for many years, and often it has seemed like Angelos would get rid of people that would be good for the organization. Pushing out Davey Johnson, not rehiring Pat Gillick, and seemingly just hiring free agents with no care to the farm system. The only constant throughout the years has been Angelos. Attendance and ratings are way down and the Orioles have lost a lot of popularity with their own city.

All that said, the current conditions of the Orioles are looking good, and the system may work the team into a winning one soon. If Angelos allows it to continue and does not hinder what MacPhail is doing, then opinions of him could change.

But I understand that Brady wishes to defend him. Angelos does have some good qualities, and Brady was here a long time, and is a good person.

(Photo credit: Baltimore Sun)

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