Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Should the Pie Experiment Be Put On Hold?

This series against Boston is one the O's will want to forget quickly. Numerous problems were shown all around the field as Baltimore got their first losing record this year.

The Orioles are not just seeing woes in the pitching rotation, the outfield is not set in stone either. Ryan Freel had to leave on Monday after getting hit in the head with a ball on a pickoff move, Adam Jones is not 100% either with a sore hamstring, though at least he is still playing.

But perhaps the biggest issue is with Felix Pie. For the first time Andy MacPhail does not look good this season due to the play from the left fielders. Luke Scott is doing all right, but Pie has only hit is two games out of 11 and is sitting with a batting average below the Mendoza Line. Meanwhile in Norfolk, Lou Montanez and Nolan Reimold are tearing it up after 10 games, both batting above .400.

For the Orioles, they may need to bench Pie for the time being and use him sparingly. It is early and he has a lot of talent, but he has not had a season batting above .241. His defense could certainly use improvement as he had real problems in left. The Orioles don't want to go with just Luke Scott in left. It is very early to judge, but the way Montanez and Reimold are playing, they should probably get their chance.

Montanez had expressed his frustration after he was not chosen to join the majors for the season, and so far he is proving why he was right. Pie can't go to Norfolk because he is out of options and the Orioles would risk losing him due to waivers, where he would be lost to someone. At the very least though, with the injury to Freel, either Montanez or Reimold should get a chance in left.

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UPDATE, 12:15 PM- The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Lou Montanez has been called up after Ryan Freel was put on the DL.

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