Sunday, March 15, 2009


The University of Maryland has made it to the NCAA Tournament as an at-large bid, getting the 10-seed in the West region, giving the Terps their second NCAA Tournament bid in the last three years. They will head to Kansas City to take on 7-seed California, and the winner will take on the victor of the 2-seed Memphis vs. Cal-State Northridge game.

Maryland was the third final at-large team taken plus the last team from the ACC to earn a bid. It took a strong ACC Tournament showing with two wins, including a win over Wake Forest, to push them into the tournament. When the first region came out, a number of people, including Gary Williams, were worried when they saw Arizona grab a 12-seed, as they were a team fighting for a final at-large bid. But the Terps got their spot in the next region.

This season has been a real tribute to Gary Williams and the poise of this team. So many times this team was counted out by media and fans. At the start of the season when the undersized lineup was shown, after getting upset by Morgan State, after Duke destroyed them in Durham, Vasquez's issues with the fans, after all of the problems between Gary and the athletic department, some fans calling for Gary's head, and after the Maryland loss to Virginia. But through all of that, this team fought hard and earned their bid despite their problems.

Congratulations to Maryland to making it to the NCAA Tournament, and from us here at ATH, we say good luck. Also congrats to Morgan State for their accomplishment in making the tournament as well.

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