Monday, February 9, 2009

A Win is a Win

Maryland will be at least happy they got a win after defeating Georgia Tech 57-56, but that is probably all they will smile about. This was a very ugly win that could have easily gone the other way. Maryland did not play a good game, but Georgia Tech played a worse one.

Maryland did not shoot well at all and could not take advantage of Georgia Tech's turnovers. The Terps tried to employ the newfound face-pace offense, but often found themselves slowing down due to their passing issues. The one thing that did go well was that they were pickpocketing the Yellow Jackets well, amounting 12 steals by the end of the night. And in a close game where no one led by more than four at any time in the second half, the Terps put enough together to win.

Greivis Vasquez had a solid overall day with 19 points and three steals. Eric Hayes had a good day on the stat lines with 15 points and three steals, though had six turnovers and had problematic ball control. He had to start for Adrian Bowie, who was suffering from the flu. In that regard, Maryland could not put their best team on the court, but they still looked very sloppy. Everyone else had less than desireable days, though Cliff Tucker is once again showing why he should get more time off the bench.

Gary Williams was real choked up after the game. No matter what the critics say, it is clear he loves this team and loves to coach.

Maryland will get some well needed rest, as Virginia Tech awaits them on Saturday it what will be another must-win game. The Terps currently sit at 15-8, 4-5 in the conference. If they want a chance at the NCAA Tournament, they will have to win five of the final seven ACC games; a very uphill battle considering they have Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Clemson left on their schedule.

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